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The man I use is away for the weekend. It is urgent. Yes, naturally. But there are also various technical preparations. No, you must stay at the hotel until Monday. The Excelsior, it’s not very far from here. It’s nothing much, but it is comfortable and you will be safe there. You must be patient. You do all your printing here? Here, yes, is all here. When shall I see you again? On Monday morning at ten. Perhaps we could meet over the weekend. Discuss old times. Oh, I’m sorry. It’s very difficult with Mother. I’m sure you understand. It’s just metres down the road to your left. Until Monday. Ten o’clock. Has he gone? Yes, Mother. He’s gone. One of these days, they will do to you what they did to your father. It wasn’t them, Mother. They killed him when he was no longer any use to them. They killed him. Father died in a car accident. And they will do it to you. You know too much. Just like him. Do you still do what I told you? Yes, Mother. Always. And I wouldn’t hesitate to make use of it if there was any trouble. So do stop worrying. Hello? Kolb? Er . yeah. This is Wenzer. I’ve managed to get hold of the photographer. He can be here in an hour and take your picture tonight. Tonight? After all, you said it was urgent and I’ve gone to a lot of trouble. It’s after twelve. We are lucky, he’s not leaving till tomorrow morning. He’s on his way here now. I really think you should come. All right, I’ll be there. Good. Then I’ll see you in an hour. Ja. What happens now? I don’t want you here when he comes. But I can’t leave Mother. I’ll look after Mother. I’m very good with the sick. Come back in the morning. Why can’t I stay in the house? There might be a little blood. What if something should happen to her while I’m away? Don’t argue, Wenzer. All right. I’ll just go up and see her to tell her not to worry. You’ve got minutes. Excuse me? Excuse me, I’d like to make a phone call. May I have the phone book, please? Local or national? Local. Turn out the light. Leave the door open. Thank you. “Hail Mary, the Lord is with you.

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