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it was just a black man that lunged at the Chicago police and was shot and killed. I didn’t even know his name was Laquan. Laquan was. a young black child from the West side of Chicago. who ended up being murdered on the South side of Chicago. I come from the same background Laquan came from. I was a ward of the state, I was birthed by a -year-old mother, I was in and out the ID home as a juvenile. He had a troubled life. Never in a million years I would’ve thought it would’ve had this type of effect on the city or on the country. Never. I’m sitting in my office. and my niece. knocks on this church door. And she’s crying. She says to me, “They killed my baby and it ain’t right.” My heart, you know, drops, of course, ’cause, you know, I know who this kid is. His name was Laquan McDonald. Laquan was my great nephew. He was a happy-go-lucky kid. Kind of kid that wanted to make everybody laugh. A jokester. I didn’t spend a lot of time with him, but my heart is broke because this mother’s heart is broke, and I just knew that there was something wrong. But at this point, in my mind, I’m thinking there ain’t nothing that we can do. Finally, the coroner released the body to the funeral home. After that, I get a phone call on my cell. What Mr. Camden had said on television, that ain’t what happened. This boy been shot and it’s a lot of bullet holes in him. I tell the funeral home, “When you get the body, take pictures.” So they took the pictures of the body. The body tells a totally different story than what the local news had put out there: That he’s shot one time in the chest. The family wanted privacy from the media and justice for Laquan. The initial meeting was more about. “Well, what. what happened here? Is there a case?” ‘Cause you never really know. Someone from the funeral home, at their request, took a bunch of photographs, and they really weren’t too clear. But they knew he was shot multiple times. We agreed to take it to look into it to see what really happened. We sent out probate subpoenas and then we received police reports. So we have five units on the scene, and there was only one officer that discharged his weapon.

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