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And you can’t go back until you find it again. And if you do find it, And bury it on land. You can stay for seven years, And you cry seven tears. But when the crying is done. You’re kind of folk can not find the excepted happiness. With the.. What is it called? Are you lost for words? A landsman, That’s what. Selkie women often find unexpected happiness with a landsman. And that’s all, I know. This is my granny’s place. He misses her. Where do you live? With, Me mom and it is not underneath the waves. She, Will be wondering where I am. See you again. Your cheek is wet? Is that one of the seven tears. Maybe. You have only six left. Can I, Help you there Circus? Yeah. Have you any books from Selkies. Selkies,Yeah, We do have actually, What strange enough there all out at the moment. Out? If you want to read them, Your daughter has it. Annie? She is doing a project she said. Yeah, Just trying to help her. Get a head of the game. Your a good man. Does it do stunts Annie? What you mean stunts? Stunts like this.

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