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They saw you. Is that all right? No. That it is a relief in a way, Things are not in my mind. These will talk. Of course they will. What will they say? Take your pick. Circus. Clowns. Salmon. A girl. I’m going to the harbor. Do you want me to drop you off. It is done isn’t it, What’s done? I have been seen. Look at the girl on the boat. Not bad, hey. It is a small town. Everyone stares. You can say that again.. What’s wrong with been seen. Nothing. When you look good. You look better. I going to need these Circus. They have already seen. Who? The fishery’s. They are fine, Believe me. Thanks, Mary. Can I, Buy you a present? Clothes, But can I, Choose this time? You don’t like the dress? No I, Like I, just… The underwear could be better. Didn’t fit? Tighten on the edges. You have edges? I, Knew it wasn’t a story. What wasn’t a story? You’re just a shit story teller any way. I, Knew it had to be true. Ondine, This is my daughter, Annie. We have met before. Yes, We have. What are we doing? Buying clothes. Oke.

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