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That was a fuel-skimmer. And the driver. The one who was killed. His name was Bosco Jimenez. The van was tricked out, had all these big bags, these bladders, and he and his partner would go from gas station to gas station using stolen credit card numbers and fill up those bladders. Once they reached or gallons’ worth, then they would go to the other stations and sell it at a discount. That didn’t happen last night, did it? No, ’cause that truck driver ran a red, Bosco T-boned him. Who told you the driver ran a red? The guy I just called. He said that the guy who was with Bosco said it. Well, the guy who was with Bosco was lying, because the truck had a green light. Witness to the crash confirmed it. No, no, there’s no way. I knew Bosco, okay? The guy was a legend. He was the best wheelman ever. He drove that van and ran drugs up from Mexico, ran point on dozens of drive-bys, all without ever getting busted. No tickets, no accidents, no nothing. There’s no way he would’ve driven a van full of gasoline through a red light. Nah, it had to be the other guy. Not necessarily. You calling me a liar? I’m saying there’s a possibility that everyone involved is telling the truth. Neither Bosco nor the truck driver ran a red light, because they both had greens. You think the light was broken? That’s one possibility. Another possibility is that it was hijacked. [phone ringing, indistinct chatter] Am I crazy, or do we have a bunch of Feds in our conference room? I see FBI, DEA, ICE. Yeah, it’s the Interdepartmental Task Force igned to Mara Tres. Sherlock and Joan asked me to invite them over to talk about the van that blew up. Do I go in? You could, but pretty sure they won’t be in there very long. So, in other words, the accident wasn’t an accident? Someone hacked the traffic light there and made the van hit the truck? In addition to confirming that both of the lights were indeed green, we’ve also confirmed everything my informant told us. The driver of the van was, indeed, Bosco Jimenez, wheelman extraordinaire. WATSON: Now he and his partner were using the van to skim fuel, but they never meant for it to blow up.
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