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just ped out, and now dealing with him trying to learn to speak again is like this thing that pauses me to reflect in a way that I’ve never had to look at myself in a way before. I felt a personal responsibility with this tour being created by me and the guilt of Corbin getting injured. I didn’t know what to do, it didn’t feel right leaving him, but we had to keep moving. After Corbin’s injury, it just so happened that some of the other athletes were scheduled to leave tour. So, it was just down to Sydney and I, and we had one more city to hit before we started to head home. This tour taught me a lot. I learned never to take life for granted, and that it will always throw obstacles in your way. But it’s how you react and overcome those challenges that dictate your future. And the way Corbin handled his injury will forever inspire all of us. I don’t know, I guess it’s kind of a blank space. You know, it’s weird having that black, black dark space where I just don’t know what happened, because I know it’s there, I’ve seen footage, and it’s just not there, it’s not there in my head. I felt like I was normal, I felt like I was talking, I could talk to people, but then I found out a long time afterward, it was probably months after, that what I was saying wasn’t correct. What I was saying wasn’t even close to correct. Everything I was doing was gibberish. But yeah, I took speech therapy for two months. After that I had physical therapy, and so I had to get my legs back. Anytime I tried to lift my foot, it would be very hard to go from my brain to my foot. So I would try to do this but it just wouldn’t happen. And I was just looking at my legs, like, “Come on. “We can do this.” And, uh, yeah, it didn’t happen for a long time. I think it’s something that needed to happen, I think it’s something that had to happen, and now I’m kinda better because of it. Oh! Yeah! We can travel and explore foreign lands. We can start teams and build brands to fund our endeavors. We can create competitions and host our own events to support the sport from the inside out. We can pack a giant purple tour bus full of pro athletes and tour an entire country for two months
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