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so we sent probate subpoenas to the department, saying “We want the dash cam videos.” And time had gone by and we hadn’t received anything yet. And so we called and the sergeant said, “You got to go through Internal Affairs.” So we called Internal Affairs and Internal Affairs person said, “We don’t deal with subpoenas.” And so we called the subpoena sergeant back and said, “They don’t deal with it?” Okay, you know? Here it comes.” You know, I think this kind of went under the radar. If somebody higher-up would’ve seen this, they would’ve sent lawyers to probate court trying to quash the subpoena. So whether that person actually knew what he was sending? I don’t know. We popped it in in my computer and we were shocked. A male we caught breaking into church and stealing radios. And what we saw was, in our opinion, uh, a first-degree murder. This video was accessible and reviewed by the police the night of the shooting, so how do you justify this? You come up with a bunch of excuses, a bunch of lies about a young man, waving the knife aggressively, threatening us. We know from emails that have been released that they were on the lookout for somebody calling about the Laquan McDonald case. And when we finally did reach out to the city, they knew exactly what case we were talking about. We told them, “We’ve got the video.” And there was just stunned silence on the other end of the phone that said “How’d you get the video?” At that point, the machinery was, in some sense, working. But the pressure is building. It starts with the autopsy impeaching the police narrative. It includes the civilian witnesses. And finally, somewhat improbably, the video is sent to the lawyers for the family. At the same time, the national context keeps intensifying. The shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Eric Garner in New York, Freddie Gray in Baltimore. Protests growing nationwide, from Oakland, California, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Washington D.C. And, in response to the popular protests, we have an increasingly active Justice Department intervening. The Justice Department has opened investigations or is enforcing court-ordered changes in police departments
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