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The Steelworks Radio Show
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Well, now you know everything. Everything, I promise. Why couldn’t you have told me in the first place? Why couldn’t you have trusted me? I wish I had. What time is it? It’s late. I have to go now. So soon? The official opening of the Kiefel Electric Trade Fair is at ten o’clock. Peter, I’m scared. Don’t worry. Just listen carefully. If I’m not back by tomorrow morning, I mean, if for some reason I’m delayed, I want you to take a train to Munich. Here’s a key to one of the lockers at the station. There’s a number on it. In the locker you’ll find the file. I want you to go straight on to Vienna and give it to Simon Wiesenthal. Here’s a letter for him. The address is on the envelope. Also there’s some money. Don’t look so anxious. It’s just a precaution. On behalf of Kiefel Electric, Hans Josef Kiefel welcomes you, our special guests and members of the press, to a demonstration of our advanced electronic equipment. But first, we are proud to welcome our distinguished guests of honour, who will declare this trade fair open. Raimond, if Herr Deilman arrives, send him up immediately, please. Very well. Put the phone down. Step away from the desk. Further. All right. There. Yes, the police are outside, but don’t try to call them. I have no intention of calling them. What do you want? My name is Peter Miller, and yours is Eduard Roschmann. Close the curtains. Now the others. You got that limp escaping from the British in , didn’t you, Roschmann? When you jumped from the train. I don’t really know what you’re talking about. I am Hans Josef Kiefel, and who was the man . Riga, I’m talking about Riga, where you were responsible for the murder of , men, women and children, Herr Kommandant! Do you mind if I smoke? Please, don’t make the mistake of not taking me seriously, Roschmann. Oh, I do take you seriously. There were never , disposed of at Riga. Not even ,. ,, ,. Does it really matter how many you killed? Move away from there. That’s exactly the point. It doesn’t matter. Not now. Not then. Look, young man, I don’t know why you’ve come after me, but I can guess.

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