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follow up on the application that I sent via email to your office. Mr. Alvarez, our HR Department will call you or notify you through email… if there are any further developments regarding your application. Yes, I understand that. I just wanted to follow up and, uh… Thank you, Mr. Alvarez. We’ll get in touch with you. Did you call Basti Vergara? I know he’s looking for people he can hire… for the several development projects of his real estate company. Will he entertain me even if didn’t set an appointment? Come on. He was our friend back in college. We have several batch mates that have worked for him. Why don’t you try talking to Basti? Make an effort. Who knows? He just might give you a job. Dude, I already looked like a fool with all the job-hunting I did. I was willing to take any job, any employer who would have me. But I got the same responses… it’s either I’m over-qualified or the salary is way too low. What does Mia have to say about your problem? Your wife doesn’t know that you lost your job? Just let me handle it my way, okay? Mia will find out about it as scan as I find a solution. Okay, kids, let’s go over it again. Hi, guys. Fourteen plus seven? Hi, babe. Why are you still studying at this hour? The kids have an exam tomorrow. We’re debating over the calculator. Have you eaten? Why are you home late? I’m okay. Excuse me. Twenty-eight plus seven? I have to take this. Hello? No cheating. Dude. Come on. Have you talked to Basti Vergara? I talked to Mark Rodellion. He always plays golf with Basti. He told me Basti just left’ He’s in the States right now. Is that so? Okay. Hi, Mia! Hi. How are you? Haven’t seen you in a while. I guess you’ve been very busy. Yeah. Not really. Come here. How are you? How have you been? Well, we’re on our way to the clubhouse for the village association’s meeting. The election of officers is a few days away. That’s right. Didn’t you get the letter we sent you? You really are busy. We sent you the proxy form. No. It’s just that whenever there are meetings… Mrs. Corpuz usually acts as our proxy.

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