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You can’t really guide a boat with your foot. I’m not doing well ? No, I never said that. Oh, Shit. Look at that ! My, God. What? That’s weird, Salmon. Weird? You don’t get Salmon’s from trawling. Trawling? Only with a gill net. Curiouser and curiouser. Where did you hear that? Alice said that. To the White rabbit. Annie says it too. Annie? Mine daughter. Ah..fu.. What? They are going to come on board. Lads. I see you catch Salmon. I did. How did you catch them ? Trawling. And you expect us to believe that? No, But it is the truth. Show us your gear nets. Hold on. That’s not wet. I know. So, how did you dry them? I didn’t. I told you, I didn’t use them. There is a girl here, Circus. Where? In your net. Is that illegal? No, But…It’s unusual. And you can see her? She’s right here in front of me. Ask her how, I caught the Salmon. How did he catch them up? Trawling. And you want us to believe in fairytales? Yes. What did she say? She said: “Trawling.” Yes, really? You got to believe her. Right. Times up. Lads. So.

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