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That’s the machine they used to fight the fire. And that’s like my favorite part about going out to these different locations, is that this obstacle is nothing that any of us has ever been able to try to train on. So it lends itself to, like, a little bit more of a creative process. It’s still shiny and new looking. Maybe that’s because of the work out it got. They didn’t have any mining disasters in Bodie, no cave-ins or anything like that. No, I really can’t say what I expected to find in a ghost town. But certainly not people. Yo, we got a park ranger. What just happened? We just got a citation for filming without a permit. Kind of cool, I don’t know how much it’s gonna cost, $,? , , , ? Who knows? Let’s get the out of here. What was that? Literally, where are we? Apple’s Lake? Apple’s Lake? There’s a big old lake right there, and a bunch of mountains. There’s snow around us. S’no way. What’s crazy to me is that I’ve been working on this for a year and a half. Dream of having a full tour bus, bunk beds and everything and like seeing it in locations like this one is, like, sort of surreal. And every time I look back as we’re walking away from the bus, it’s like this moment of, It feels good, so I’m gonna take a picture. One of the ways in which we decided to keep the tour stress-free was just to go with the flow. So, that night we all decided to get tattoos. We did it! Good stuff. I’m freaking out. I’m freaking out. It’s just a tattoo. I’m now freaking out. It’s your first tattoo, it’s fine. It might not come out good. It doesn’t matter. It’s not like it’s almost midnight. Got his first tattoo. After a late night getting tattoos we all enjoyed an incredible meal prepared by Jeff’s family before heading to our next location, Woodward, Tahoe. Hi. Hi. My name’s Jesse La Flair, we’re here with the Lace Up Tour for the Parkour Week. Okay perfect. Let’s see what happens, three, two, one. Yokohamas! Have taken us to Woodward, Tahoe. Woodward, the largest action sports camp in the world invited us out to go train and shoot at each one of their locations while on tour. And we couldn’t p up this opportunity.
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