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I’m not going to be accomplice to a murder, Leon. Who said anything about murder? What use would that be? Going to kidnap him? Don’t worry about it just get us the information. The thing is Eduardo, we don’t know any better way to get our comrades out ofjail. And, we have in mind especially a man who was in that police station the same time as Aquino. My father. You say he was shot trying to escape. Yes, it’s quiete straightforward isn’t it? Oh yes. Just I can’t understand why he was trying to escape backwards. You really needn’t worry about this one. If there was any questions of his being innocent he wouldn’t be here. What do you mean? He’s have been disappeared, in the river probably. I’ve um, been asked if you’d be prepared to help us out occasionally at the prison at Resistancia. In what capacity? Doctor Benevento has been extremely helpful, but he’s of course, not available all the time. And they do seem to find themselves quiete often in need of reliable medical opinion. What you mean is, they oftern need to know if someone’s fit enough to be tortured. All rightk I’ll tell them you’re too busy. You do that. Look, I don’t think you like this any more than I do. The way I look at it, if a country hands itself over to the irrationals it’s every man for himself. Why are you so reluctant to help us Eduardo? Your father did, when we were kids we both loved him. I’m a doctor now. It’s very important to me. Moral issues are important. Kidnapping a diplomat raises a few moral issues doesn’t it? Nobody does it any more, it’s not effective. We don’t have any choice, they have reduced us to this. Your struggle is in Paraguay, not in a foreign country. South America is our country . where do you stand? I read in the paper that the American ambassador might be coming up here. Oh yes, I, I’ve been asked to give him a guided tour around the San Ignacu Falls. Oh? Well, non of the Americans around here ever been near them . and the governor spends so much time at his packing plant. I doubt if he could give you a guided tour out of his back garden Well, I expect you’ll really enjoy that.

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