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which would be a serious wound in that it went through the trachea. And then all the rest of the wounds are through the arms. Autopsies are extraordinary documents. They’re the victim testifying. The closest we have to Laquan McDonald giving an account of what happened to him is the autopsy. Seven bullets were recovered from the body, which means, uh, nine would’ve ped through the body, including the graze. Small probable projectile fragments recovered from the mouth, that could be from a bullet which might have impacted on the ground near the body and could’ve caused some shrapnel, which could’ve gotten up into the mouth. Given the other things we knew, what the autopsy suggested was the boy on the ground, rolling around in pain, and bullets entering at different points from the same. from the same shooter. The autopsy utterly impeached the official narrative that the city had been promoting. Young man with a knife, aggressive, lunges a police officer, policer officer shoots in self-defense. It simply couldn’t be true. But the autopsy didn’t provide a counter-narrative. For that, it was critical to talk to civilian witnesses to the shooting. After a series of dead ends and wrong addresses, I showed up at the doorstep of Jose Torres and his son, Xavier. When Jamie came to my door, I freaked out. I’m looking behind him, looking around, to see if. I’m thinking it’s the police is here to get me. I don’t wanna talk bad about all police officers, ’cause they’re not all bad. I have a lot of friends that are police officers. But, um. you know, after seeing this, I lost pretty much the trust in. In the police. We were traveling North-bound on Pulaski. I was actually the first car that pulled up at the scene. I had just barely come off from from work. I was headed to Burger King. I see a guy running next. on my window. He was getting chased by the cops. They were chasing him. We had the street light, so we were able to, you know, get a good view of what was going on. There were a lot of police officers. And it just seemed like he was just trying to get away from. From what was going on.
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