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So, what is it, sir? Are there problems at home? Or maybe. .you heard Euis mention something? Euis is a bright kid, sir. And she’s kind. Unfortunately, those things are not enough. Often,. .the problems around her are making her difficult to handle. We all know she moved here from Jakarta. I’m worried that. .her surroundings here don’t support her enough. Especially at her age now. I think I should bring my family back to Jakarta. But don’t you want to try living here first. .with your wife and kids? You’ll understand when you have a family of your own. You need to be ready for anything. The cost of being a man. As head of the family, you need to be ready to deal with anything. Are you kidding? It takes two to build a marriage. So every risk must be faced together. Come on. Don’t you get it? So how? Your phone’s ringing. Yes, Ceu? Looks good. Euis. You’re moving away? Why didn’t you tell us? Don’t worry. Ceu Salmah will sell this fast. What do you think? Dear? -Excuse us, Ceu, Abah. -Yeah. Are you sure it’s steady? Ima! Play it! All along the memory lane We strolled hand in hand All along the memory lane You held me in your arms Deni. The little drops of rain Early that month Made the evening stay in my heart All along the memory lane We strolled hand in hand So, if you move to Jakarta, we’ll still be friends, right? The little drops of rain Early that month. Abah, this is Ara. This is Euis. This is Emak. Oh, this is you. Emak will be angry with you, Ara. I don’t care. Teteh. I don’t want this house sold. I like it here. Abah spends more time at home. Emak makes opak everyday. And I get to share a room with you. Things were never like this back then. Let me introduce you to our potential buyer. Presier. -Luke. -Presier. Luke. Nice to meet you. The lady and gentleman here are the notaries. If everything goes well, we can sign the deed today. They’ve bought the land in front of this house, to build a villa. This house will be demolished. And this area will be their backyard. Ceu Salmah, we’ll purchase it. Yeah. Dina. -Come here, dear.

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