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DAVID: It would probably be not having the ability to make everyone happy, I think. I think you can only make so many people happy with the things you do in life and I think the hardest thing is, yeah, just not making everyone happy. Not everyone’s going to be happy. So, yeah CLAUDIA: David? I know that he acts, he’s like all out there and stuff but if you really get to know him, he’s pretty private. Like, he’s hidden. Usually he’ll like laughing and stuff all the time but sometimes he’s, like, actually really angry at someone or something but, he’s pretty good at hiding his feelings and his secrets. He doesn’t really tell many secrets, which is, I guess is all good. VOICEOVER AND LYRICS FROM ELECTRIC CITY BY MUSIC INSTRUCTOR: Already many of the mutants disguised as human beings are walking the streets of earth’s cities MUSIC DAVID: We’re here together because of love. Ultimately my husband will look past my flaws and see me for what I truly am, which is beautiful. Which is beautiful. SCREAMS SPEAKER: There you go. Got ’em running, Mildred. Ha ha ha. SPEAKER: OK, ready? SPEAKER: Yeah. One. SPEAKER: Yep. SPEAKER: Two. SPEAKER: Yep. SPEAKER: Three. CHAINSAW NOISE JUNEEN: Did you have fun tonight? Beth and Julia came out and saw me in hospital and I was just blown away by it. Like, you never get your boss coming to see you when you’re in any kind of situation like that, not unless, you know, you’re really, really tight with them. But even then, they don’t make house visits. I reckon it would’ve been scary if I’d got admitted years ago. That’s terrifying. If you actually look into the history of mental health at any asylum, whether it was Kingseat or any of the other mental institutions that New Zealand or even overseas had, it’s scary. It’s really scary. SPEAKER: Good luck. I love you. SHOUTING AND CROWD NOISE CHEERING HUIA: I’m . There are things that I could be doing better. You know, in terms of my personal health and that’s basically the one thing that’s stopping me, is my personal health and Oh, just losing weight. Diabetes is in my family, basically. One of the things that I don’t want to happen. But you know, I don’t necessarily do anything about it. ‘Cause I love to procrastinate. People think it’s weird how I’m able to compare religion and Spookers together. But I’m like, Spookers family has helped me, basically. I feel comfortable there. I feel wanted there. I feel like there’s something I can give there, basically. And that’s the same with my religion I feel comfort, I feel wanted, I feel like there is some things that I can do there. THUNDER RUMBLES There’s two things that I love the most. One is my religion and two is performing. And I love performing. AVE MARIA PLAYS SINGING CONTINUES HUIA: A couple of months ago I had this dream about me basically waking up in the middle of the sea. I hopped off the bed and thought I was going to sink. And I ended up standing on water. To my amazement I was basically walking on water. SINGING CONTINUES It kind of made me think of what I could basically be doing with myself and all these ideas came into my head, like

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