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Most anyone’s ever gotten were two. Mm. chewing man shouting on TV male reporter We interrupt this to take you live to an announcement What the is he doing? By James Turner, local head of the Kira investigation. Oh, . Those of you that harbored any illusions about what Kira really is, the cold-blooded murder of a dozen FBI agents should lay bare his true nature. Kira is a cowardly criminal thug concerned only with self-preservation. Not only is he unworthy of the veneration and celebration he’s received in certain circles, as of today, he’s not even worthy of our fear. Understand this, Kira. You may strike me down, but another one will stand up and take my place. Why would he do that? He’s forcing Kira to retaliate. And another for as long as need be. We will not waiver. Because he’s not afraid. We will not submit. And we will not fail. applause Where is it? What? Are you out of your mind? That’s my dad! Yeah, and he just dared us to kill him on live television. Think people are gonna be on their knees if he can talk to Kira like that? We’re not killing my dad! This is over! Ryuk ed us! We’re not the good guys anymore. Mia What happened to the boy that wanted the world to get what he got? Think about your mom, Light. Either Kira stands up or they hunt us down. If you want out, then just get the out! So you just want to quit? I don’t know. reporters chattering Well said, James. Tell me, are you truly ready to give your life? If that’s what it takes. How long will it take him to decide, I wonder? door opens and closes James What’s going on? cell phone ringing sighs Let me take this. Turner. This is L. Just making sure you hadn’t died. sighs Still here. Excellent. Carry on. I’m really proud of you. James on TV Understand this, Kira. You may strike me down Sir? But another will take my place. Light Turner is Kira. And another and another How long since you’ve slept? For as long as need be. Thirty-one hours. We will not waiver. We will not submit. Sleep is key to strong thought. Trust me. And we will not fail. Nothing’s gonna change once I wake up. Hello, Light. Oh, um You’re the guy. You’re L. Yeah, well, it’s not my real name. But I’m sure you’re painfully aware of that. What are you doing here? Following a lead. You? Um I was just I’m leaving. I wonder if it was a difficult decision. If what was a difficult decision? Sparing your father’s life. Sorry, what are you talking about? You must’ve known it would implicate you, yet you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. I’ll admit, I always wondered if you had a line. I guess it’s fortunate for us, the line you finally decided to draw points so clearly in your direction. So you really think I’m Kira. No, I know it. If you’re so sure, why haven’t you just arrested me? Because I don’t do check, Light. Only checkmate. But we’ll be there soon enough. Great. Until then, enjoy the gelato. uming you can eat through that thing. And I’ll just, uh Can I ask you something? Yeah. How do you think he does it? Kira. I was hoping you could shed some light on that for me. I have a theory.

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