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Directly Audio Bunker 1 listen, Live broadcast alternatives Stream 1 y Stream 2 try our options.
Audio Bunker 1
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Online Radio Audio Bunker 1, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio..

Killed! We poisoned them. Who? The pollution, Bastogne. I started a lobby against these factories eight years ago. Why? That’s for you to say. We poisoned their soil. The toxic waste. We knew it, but we carried on. Why did you carry on? For the money. So, why buy stocks from de Nantier’s group? To make sure we had a voice by being on the board of directors. But you sold everything just before his kidnapping. What? I didn’t know we’d sold everything! You’re the one who did it from your IP address. VAN DECK’S CONTACTS Why was there no trial? Because Louis made a donation for soil remediation! million! The case went out the window. But people were still dying. I don’t get it. We’re going to need a list of everyone from your pressure group. How many of you are there? . Before. Now there are only of us. There’s a virus. Automatic software triggered the sale. If we cross-reference the plaintiffs, cancer patients and stockholders, we get over names. All angry with de Nantier. Understandably so. OK, let’s go back to the beginning. Do you have the first videos? We’re accusing Louis de Nantier of forgery and uttering, influence peddling, bribery and finally, manslaughter. Louis de Nantier built his fortune by cheating, exploiting others. Stop. .lying. These photos. They’re private photos. Where from? Not from the Internet. Definitely not. They must come from his computer. , there’s nothing! Billie! . What is it? A second router. VERIFICATION REQUIRED That’s strange. I need to check the log files. The second router started working at the exact time of the kidnapping. What did it do? It looks like it copied all of de Nantier’s files. Why is it empty then? That’s the million-dollar question. Dad? I finished my homework. Can I go play? No! Sit back down. Wait. Read this. What is it? The civil code. To teach you what happens when you hit people. I got it! The spy router copied all of the files via Wi-Fi. And were directly transferred to the abductors. Once the transfer was done, a virus deleted everything. It’s probably the same virus that deactivated the alarm.

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