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Is there much more? This is the last one. About time. I asked for a search, not to empty out the place! Should’ve done it yourself. Any findings? Light bulbs. Seriously? And the employees? They didn’t know anything. They’ve never seen him. Thanks. Oops. Merry Christmas. Strange that the DEA never found drugs. That’s cuz they never looked for it. I can’t imagine Bob in the DEA. He left on bad terms. Why? He wrote to the Committee P condemning the way the DEA were soft on their informants. That couldn’t have gone down well. It’s a good reason to get revenge. Right when they’re reopening an investigation on them. Sam! Bijou, how’s it going? Is Bob there? I can’t reach him. He’s out and about, you know him. It’s great to see you. Come in. You want some coffee? OK. How are the kids? They’re OK. How are things at home? All good. Look. Can we say hi to uncle Sam? Hi! Is Bob OK? You see him more than I do! Is that new? A splurge. This was too! Bob’s mom’s inheritance finally came through. About pieces of furniture. That old lady was loaded! An inheritance. He didn’t mention it. Sam, are you sure you’re OK? Yes, I’m fine. Thanks. Can you tell Bob to call me when he gets back? It won’t be for a while yet, he’s at the cottage. Are you sure you’re OK? Sorry, I. I have to go. What are you doing? Stay back! Don’t be an ! I’m not going to jail! Move! , Bob! Stop! Stop! Stop. Where’s the car? Bob, where is it? I don’t know, it’s disappeared. Don’t be ! I said I’m not going to jail. Why didn’t you say that you met up with Pauline Sissbach? She’s clearly linked to red diamond. Why didn’t you say anything? It’s unrelated. Are you sleeping with her? You’re crazy. Bob. Tell me everything if you want to get out of this mess. The drugs, the bodies, the gum. How do you plan on doing that? I need proof. And you’re destroying all of it. I’m not going to pay for something I didn’t do. Goddammit. Your hands! Your hands! I want to see your hands! Are you armed? Get out. You’re under arrest for the disappearance of Xavier Pissaro and Dany Dewalque. Come on, let’s go. Right. Is this yours?
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