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Strictly House – Live Channel
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No, he got an inheritance from his mom. And the car? The cooking lab? The bodies? I know all that! But it’s too easy. It’s too obvious. There must be another explanation. Sam. Maybe Bob just isn’t who we think he is. So, what do we do? It’s been hours. You can’t go. Camille, don’t leave now. Thanks. We told Hélène everything. I would’ve done the same. It was going to come out anyway. We found out who the Bitcoin accounts belonged to. Why didn’t you tell us? I wanted to. I wanted to help the girl, that’s all. You should’ve told us that you were seeing her. What’s the story with you two? Three years ago, I arrested Pauline under duress. She was the cook. A pawn on the chessboard. I had to find someone to take the fall for red diamond and. She was easy. Everyone wanted a name. I needed results. She was the first one we caught. She was barely of age. Terrified, easily swayed. She never gave other names. Everyone was happy. We had our dealer. And the backhanders? Xavier and Dany were lining pockets and everyone wanted in. That’s when I left. With a briefcase full of cash. No. Why did we find photos of you at the bank if you never got a dime? The accounts are Pauline’s. Not mine. She asked me to go get her money and I went. It was the least I could do. Like pay for her lawyer and find her a job? I wanted her to go back to a normal life. It wasn’t easy for her. She took the fall for the two others. Now I know what that’s like. Why didn’t you say anything? What for? Who was going to believe it? I made an internal complaint. It didn’t lead to anything, as usual. They reopened the investigation. We’ll see. And us? Why didn’t you tell us? It’s not my proudest moment in my career. RECEPTION Here. All the papers proving that Bob received an inheritance from his mom. That will help get him out, right? It’s not him Sam. You know that. Right? We need things that will clear his name. For now. Why aren’t you finding anything? He’s not a trafficker or a murderer! Bijou. I know that. My Bob’s a nice guy. Maybe a little too nice. I had my doubts too. I thought he was cheating on me with Pauline.
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