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Bedroom DJ Radio House Channel
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No worries, they’re asleep. OK, thanks. So, this Marc Vanberg? A rebel, just like I like them. No! He invented the Wind Tree. WIND TREE AT A GLANCE A wind turbine, but prettier. A visionary as well. Wait. That’s his drone. Look. Nuclear energy is particularly vulnerable for our country’s security. When will we replace it? Once everything explodes? Blue Planet? Yeah, it’s his blog. We need to ground the entire system to realize how fragile we are. A total blackout. I didn’t see it coming. I didn’t see my husband change. He was politically active, then became frustrated and in the end. Maybe he didn’t love me anymore. I can’t be surrounded by walls. You must think I’m crazy. No, not at all. I thought he was in Luxembourg at a symposium on renewable energy. Did he say anything before he left? Nothing. I knew it would happen. Marc did too. It was a risk. What do you mean? Marc was a pionate activist. His father worked at a power plant. Thank you. One day they fired him. He was denouncing security risks on nuclear sites. It left its mark on my husband. He picked up the torch in his own way. FTS. the system. That was his creed. Was he threatened? One day. he said that if something happened to him. Excuse me. It’s OK. He was a good man. He just stood up for his ideas. He didn’t use violence. He said, “Convince, not conquer.” Did your husband work alone? No. He’d always worked with Lambert Hammers. Lambert Hammers. Where can we find him? I don’t know. They met in an office they rented in town. One last question. Why was your husband at the plant last night? CREATED HIS BLOG, BLUE PLANET, IN JANUARY EVIDENCE Lambert Hammers. Trained biologist who quickly turned to politics as advisor to the Ministry of the Environment. He must’ve given Marc Vanberg info on the government’s projects. Why hasn’t he been brought in? We can’t find him. On unpaid leave for four months, he’s not at home, his phone is disconnected. We can’t locate him. FTS. It has a nice ring to it. So. Marc Vanberg sabotages the power plant. Then he’s killed. But who did it? Someone didn’t want him to talk. The ministry or Électrabel? A conspiracy?
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