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Directly City Base Radio listen, Live broadcast alternatives Stream 1 y Stream 2 try our options.
City Base Radio
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City Base Radio online

Online Radio City Base Radio, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio..

Come on. Find the origin of the attack. It’s not that simple, Sam. Those guys are pros. They’ll slip up eventually. And the Vanberg and Hammers office? Bob is on it. Bob! Bob! OK, thanks. Find anything about the office? I contacted every agency in the city that rents offices monthly or hourly. Nothing. He must’ve used a fake name. ! Sam! The office was their meeting place? I’d imagine so. OK. If we collect the GPS data from Vanberg’s phone, showing where he went last month. That’ll show hundreds of possibilities. But if we cross-refer them with Hammers’ GSM data, we’ll find the office. I’ll call their providers. We don’t have time. Hack into them. Let’s go! Green is Vanberg. Red, Hammers. Vanberg’s wife said it was downtown. That leaves ten. Take out bars, restaurants, any public places. Three possibilities. What’s that? By Porte de Namur. An abandoned building? A really quiet place. Billie. I’ll call the DSU. Bob! You’re stressing me out. Go! Go, go, go! Go, go, go. Here. Sam. Now it’s clear they want to blow it all up. This isn’t right. They’re screwing with us. Billie, get out! Get out now! Bob. Call Billie. Call Billie. I will. Bob, you got the scans? We received the results from % of the sensitive institutions. What did you find? The ones that were hit are in red. We’ll send them to you. OK, thanks. Sam. The virus is dormant in more than systems in the blackout zone. Emergency services, hospitals, prisons. Toxic chemical factories, national security, the stock exchange, etc. What are the risks? Stock market crash. Health disaster. Nuclear accidents. Anything’s possible, really. Their intentions are clear. To wreak havoc. I want you to work with our teams. What? Why? Certainly, sir. Do you know where they’ll strike? Their pawns are all over. Their first hit could come from anywhere. Are you OK? Yeah. Where’s the crapper? The crapper? Yeah. Over there. Right. Bob and Nim are on their way. I’ll pop home and meet you back here. Too much coffee. Where’s Sam? He’ll be back. OK. What’s going on? Nothing. You alright? Yeah. What is this? Iodine? Give some to the kids when they wake up.

Phone: +44 7907 290754

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