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McDonald was known to have been carrying knife. This was a troubled, troubled boy. A ward of the state. The tragedy of this young man’s life led to him making these bad decisions. It’s truly not a murder case. PCP in his system. PCP in his system. PCP, which, is a psychotic drug, whi- makes you go crazy. You don’t see anybody willing to admit that what we have to do is go after that monster, the guy that doesn’t belong on the street with you, with my wife, with my daughter. This isn’t an Ivy League college kid we’re talkin’. We’re not talking to an Oxford Scholar. Laquan McDonald could’ve had a Oxford sweatshirt on and it wouldn’t have made a difference whatsoever. I don’t care if he was on PCP. I don’t. I don’t care if Laquan McDonald was high, if he, um, was aggitational. He was shot times. One. two, three. four. five. six, seven. eight, nine. ten, , , , , , . He was shot times. shots Shut it down! For some, he was their son, he was their brother, he was them. shots! shots! You know how many times I ran from the police growing up? In this city? How many times that I was put in the position where Chicago police pull guns on me? So when I saw Laquan, I saw me. They’re still shopping! Shut it down! Shut the stores down! Block the store! Shut it down! Go to the store! Protests paralyzing. Black Friday shopping. One of the busiest, if not the busiest shopping day of the year. We hit the streets hard. Very hard. And we stop their money. If we disrupt their money, we disrupt their politics. We had probably one of the most powerful economic protests this city has ever seen. The county of Cook came together, and they stood with this family. And they said that this is wrong. This is wrong. shots! shots! shots!, shots!, shots!, shots!, shots! We are here today because Chicago is facing a defining moment on the issues of crime and policing. The first line of defense is denial. The next thing is “One bad apple.” But now, the entire guts of the department were exposed. Nothing can excuse what happened to Laquan McDonald. Supervision and leadership in the police department. failed.

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