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Ben, come touch him! BEN: Oh, my God. It’s gorgeous out here. Yeah. I thought the inside was great. Then I saw the outside and I’m like, “What have I been doing inside?” It’s fantastic. Are you sure Alice is gonna be okay? Yeah, yeah. She got in the shuttle back to the hotel. As long as she can make her way to her room, she should be fine. I feel like that might be a challenge for her. Oh, it’s definitely up for grabs. Yes. You totally could have stayed with her. I’m just gonna get a car and head home. No, no, no. I mean, I feel like I so rarely get to see you. This was so great to just catch up. Yeah. Yeah. Alice and I, we’re not even really that close. She just needs a shoulder to cry on right now. And you get to be the lucky shoulder. Yeah. I feel really, um, blessed and honored. That’s one of the many gifts of being at the singles’ table. You get all the singles that come with it. Yeah. It sounds like you need a new table. Well, you got to be in a relationship for that. That can’t be a problem for you. You’re cute and charming and funny. Go on. Oh, stop. (MUSIC PLAYING IN DISTANCE) Oh, my God. Oh, God. Oh, uh. I’m s-Was that — Did I– What just happened? Did I just do something horrible? It’s okay. Just, um, I’m engaged. Jesus. I. Okay. Was that there the whole time? Yeah. Okay. I guess I got to start looking out for those. Um, I’m so sorry. I had no idea. It’s okay. Uh, I should get a car, though, ’cause I have this crazy day tomorrow and I need to. Yeah. Yeah. For sure. It was so nice seeing you, though. Yeah! Yeah. This, um, this — this was great. Yep. Yeah. Oh. Okay. Well. Yeah. Bye, Jess. See ya. Bye, Ben. MAN: (GRUNTS) Oh, , yeah. WOMAN: (MOANING) MAN: (MOANING) Oh, God. Oh. BEN: What are you doing? I’m catching up on old episodes of “Bones.” WOMAN: Oh, ! How did you get in here? I stole one of your key cards this morning. Well, that’s just a huge violation of privacy. I’m sorry! WOMAN: Yeah. (MOANS) (TV TURNS OFF) How’d it go with blondie? I ate . Went in for the kiss. Did not go well. Apparently, she’s engaged, because of course she is. Though I feel a little led on ’cause she touches me a lot for someone with a fiancé.

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