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all I saw was the things that were iconic, like the foam pit, all the ramps and everything, it was kind of like tingling in the back of my head, I needed to get on a bike, and I needed to just find something to do a back flip on. ‘Cause that was one of the main things I’ve ever wanted to do. This dude’s been riding motocross bikes since before I was born and winning prizes at it. He’s better at riding a motorbike than I am at walking. That’s the dream right there. X Games, baby. Are you filming? Yeah. Okay, so we got Lindsey Pastrana’s bike right here, and I’m going to be sending some back flips into this. Bart’s about to go for his first back flip right now. Go, Bart! Missed the pedal! What just happened? Whooh! Well, that was the scariest thing that can happen, so, Yeah! Oh my God! What? When we went on the inside, it was really cool to actually see that little foam pit, because I’ve always seen that, and you have everything around you, which is pretty cool, but it’s kind of small. So doing that back flip was really awesome. The real deal was the outside. That was the big foam pit, that was the one that I have laid my childhood on. So I really wanted to hit a double back flip out there. All right ladies and gentlemen, anybody who knows Travis Pastrana’s house knows that all of the stuff goes down right here. I really wanted to hit that double back flip first try. All right, so that first try did not go so well. The second one was much better. Where we at? We’re at Pastranaland, baby. Insane in the membrane, baby, oh my God! So, the bottom line of Pastranaland was we did not have long enough. That place was so, I would even say historical, for me, that I just needed to be there, and I needed to really feel it, and we got a lot of that done that day. But in terms of just being there and being in that place, it felt like what a kid feels for Disneyland, if they saw it for, you know, years and then they went there. That was the kind of feeling that I had a my stomach. Oh! Yeah! It’s so good. Corbin’s a legend. Every day of the Lace Up Tour was ridiculously fun. But a -day adventure doesn’t come without some bumps and bruises.
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