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(SOBS) Whoa, whoa. Hey, hey. Hey. All right? What’s wrong? (BLOWS NOSE) Is this a Nate thing? No, it’s not a Nate thing! God! Okay, okay. It’s just why does everyone have to get married now? So it is a Nate thing. My little sister’s getting married before me. And I have four more to do this year. Four! Yeah. I got you beat. Six. I feel like once everybody saw on the horizon, they were like, “Hey, guys. Um, you know what? I would like to get engaged.” Hey, Ben? Here. Will you come to Jason and Sarah’s wedding with me next weekend? Alice, I’m not looking to go to more of these. I already told them I was bringing someone when Nate and I were still together, and I really don’t want to go alone. There’s gonna be a lot of cute girls there. You might meet someone, someone even better than Jen Rimbly. Jess Ramsey, but yeah, I hear you. Please. (WEAKLY) Please, Ben. (SNIFFS) I promise you’re gonna meet someone, and if you don’t, I will pay someone to take care of you. No. No deal. So we have a deal. Oh. Oh, . Um, okay. (GAGS) Here. Here. Here. (GAGS, COUGHS) Okay. Okay. (GRUNTS, COUGHS) (DOWN-TEMPO MUSIC PLAYS) You’re okay. (MUSIC CONTINUES) (BRAKES SQUEAK, ENGINE SHUTS OFF) Hey. Alice. (WINDOW SQUEAKS) Aah! You’re home. What the ? You’re such an . Every night I’m down Bye. Got my face on the floor Where there once was sound There isn’t anymore Now you’re falling through The leak in your pool I can see the stars Spinning over you And falling too (CAN OPENS) (SIGHS) (MUSIC CONTINUES) BEN: Y’ello. What’s up, T.J.? How are you, man? Um, listen. I was wondering. You and me tonight, going out like old times. What do you think? I was once a young man, but I’m not anymore BEN: Wait. Wait. What? That’s crazy! Since when are you in a relationship, dude? With -With Dry Lips? No. You called her that, man. I can see the stars BEN: All right. Well, cool. Let’s chill soon, huh? Later. (SIZZLING) . . ! (WATER DRAINING) (MUSIC CONTINUES) Hey, Dad. Uh, are you free tomorrow? You want to meet up in the morning? Yeah, :, uh, : works. (MUSIC CONTINUES) (BIRDS CHIRPING) (METAL CLANGING IN DISTANCE) Dad, you here?

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