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Mr. Van Dyke, anxiety? Until the video of this horrific shooting was released. there was a zero chance of. Of police accountability. That was the very first time in our history that an on-duty Chicago police officer had ever been charged with killing a black man, woman, or child. I saw the video. the day it was released to the public. I. I paused initially, um. because it f. Something felt really. perverse about a city waiting to watch a video of a boy being killed. And yet, you felt like you had to see it. It wasn’t about politics. As a life-long Chicagoan, not a candidate, not a. I thought of my brother, I thought of my husband. Um. And I understood my mother’s angst. -. Anybody close? Let me know when he’s in custody, guys. Shots fired by the police. Get the ambulance over here. What were your thoughts when you watched it? It. It. it was. That’s a good question. Uh. As. As you look at something frame-by-frame, again, without the emotions that are involved, you can draw a conclusion. My conclusion was, you know, the officer did what he had to do to protect himself. I see a situation that is. gotten away. I don’t know. where everybody’s head is at in that situation. There’s a knife. I’m sorry, but that’s a threat. If somebody gets near you, within feet of you, with an open knife, you could die. As you saw, and I’ve seen, Laquan McDonald was murdered. This family wants justice to be served, and justice for us is Jason Van Dyke being convicted of the murder of Laquan McDonald. Officer Jason Van Dyke started shooting six seconds after he got out of his vehicle. McDonald was walking away from the arriving police vehicles when the shooting happened. The officer fired shots in just seconds. The city and the unions did not tell the truth about what happened. The Mayor’s Office lied for months about what’s in the video. At this point, we saw the utter breakdown of the machinery. They don’t have control of the narrative, and so sources within the city and the police department, who have stonewalled the press in response to every single question about this case, start leaking information that is derogatory towards the victim.

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