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Old clifieds posted by ens on the darknet. He called himself Next Life Master. His messages all end in the same acronym. Maybe that’s his signature: Next Life Master. How much time is needed to decrypt everything? A couple of days. Give me half an hour. Billie! What are you going to do? I know a big company that deals with that kind of stuff. OK. You hacked into the company and stole their program. No, that’s your interpretation of it. Hello. I’ve come to see Samuel Leroy. Hello. Sam! There you go. Hello. Diane Wouters. You left me a message. Yes, please, come in. You didn’t have to come here. I was meeting a client nearby. Have a seat. Is that Raphaël ens in the photos? Yes. You filed a suit against him, but there’s nothing in the files. It’s a way of protecting the underage victim. Sandrine Forget? Yes. Sexual ault. Rape. Attempted rape on a -year-old girl. Raphaël ens wasn’t sentenced. Why? Insufficient evidence. The charges were dropped. I’d like to talk to Sandrine Forget. Why? I need to know her timetable. I’ll get that to you. But read over the file again. That man was a criminal probably killed by someone like him. Bam! minutes, seconds! It’s still stolen software. So? The last messages from Raphaël ens’ GSM. “Need four PS, one photo, four names.” A buyer. There! The buyer set up a meeting with Raphaël ens at a bar on the day he died. Billie. Geolocate ens’ GSM at the time of the meeting. OK. He was there. Can you check if the buyer was also there? I’ll pull up the IP addresses of other phones that were also there. OK. Try to see where the buyer is now. OK, we have him. Let’s go. Hands in the air. Get out. Slowly. Let’s go. “Gregor Vasichek. theft, burglary, violent armed robbery.” Busy guy. “Really think about it, you might regret it.” That’s what I tell my daughter when she talks about tattoos. Robbery of a jewelers in Namur two weeks ago. Right. To recap: you kill the security guard, create a fake identity and then you kill the only person who could’ve connected both of you. What? What are you talking about? This. Torture and murder. Thirty years. That wasn’t me! We know you bought the fake documents!
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