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Shot seven, guilty. Shot eight, guilty. Shot nine, guilty. Shot ten, guilty. Shot , guilty. Shot , guilty. Shot , guilty. Shot , guilty. Shot , guilty. Shot . guilty. Everything we’ve been through was worth it. Everything! A officer was convicted for murder. By a majority, almost all-white jury. In front of the entire nation. He was guilty of every count of aggravated battery with a firearm, which carries six to years per count, which means he can be cha. He can be given years times . Somebody do the math. What’s years times ? The rest of his life. We never get justice! Yes! Today, we got justice. It gave me, being a black man, just. You can’t do that to us. You can’t. You can’t do what you’ve been doing these past decades. t. to my generation or the generations before me. It’s over. That time is over. Everything changes after today! That’s right. Everything changed today! That’s right! And it’s not done. We want the rest of those officers, we want them convicted as well. Justice for Laquan! Justice for Laquan! Justice for Laquan! Justice for Laquan! Justice for Laquan! We love y’all! Power to the people! God bless the family! God bless the family. My hope is that Laquan’s family has some level of peace. And if we talk about the movement for black lives, this is undoubtedly one of the most important stories, and the arc of it is. Is several years long. Show me what Chicago looks like! This is what Chicago looks like! All the investigation that happened, all the campaigns that were run around this, the unseating of Anita Alvarez, the decision of Rahm Emanuel to not run for re-election. Heads rolled with this trial, heads rolled with this verdict, and they’re continuing to roll. We did that, so what else is possible now? Yeah, I guess this case has kind of shaken me, with respect to, you know, justice. Not only was I representing Jason Van Dyke, I was representing law enforcement in general. I think a lot of officers see themselves as being the victim that Jason Van Dyke is. As far as circling the wagons and feeling like it’s us against them, yeah, I don’t think it’s ever been more prominent,
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