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What? The lab results. There was benzodiazepine in the two victims’ tea. That’s over the counter. It doesn’t narrow it down. But we know it was premeditated. And the two guys used the grocery as their HQ. We found emails and itineraries for sending their recruits to Syria. What did the things in Arabic talk about? About permission to leave the country. And it’s confirmed that the two grocers knew Ismaïl made the videos. Kharim was in touch with Omar Alouidh, an ISIS leader. He was to find the person making the anti-ISIS videos. Mission accomplished. Kharim Soleman and Jean-Louis Peeters kill Ismaïl Bouayad. Then who killed them? Recruits? A test to prove their commitment? That matches the two killers’ theory. But why turn against their recruiters? I found something sketchy. A blog to support Ismaïl Bouayad that was created by his parents. First, they disowned their son. Now, he’s a hero. Anyone who supports it is a suspect. Who told them? Vermeer? He’s the only one who knows. They had to know. Not during the investigation. If it were your son, you’d have wanted to know. We were going to tell them. But after. Nim, do you know what you’ve done? I should arrest you. His parents were suffering. Damn it, Nim! Everything OK? Take a few days off. They’re tough at Molenbeek. Five damn forms to fill out to get this surveillance footage. What are you doing? Taking some time off. What? Taking time off. I’m too involved. Sam? He lets his emotions get the better of him. I know what it’s like to be different. But you’ll see, one day it’ll be trendy. What is that? Surveillance footage in front of the grocery. It’s likely the last person to go in is our murderer. Nim, I found. Got a problem with Nim? I don’t have a problem with him, but he does with himself. Want me to talk to him? No. Adam Brouck has a record of forgery and use of forged items. He goes to this grocery about once a week. : p.m. Thirty minutes before the double homicide. Maybe he was bringing pports to Soleman and Peeters for their recruits. A settling of scores? We’d have two unrelated crimes? Adam Brouck. Bob, bring this guy in. And his computer.

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