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And people are just shadows. Shadows in a fog. God, how did everything get so tangled up? I’m sorry, Dan. This is twice now I’ve ruined your evening. Come on. I’m glad you came over. l was just gonna see Hollis for our weekly beer session. You’re more than welcome to join. In fact, I insist. [WOMAN GASPING] Terrific. Dr. Manhattan arrives and no one thinks to tell me. WOMAN: Hejust– -We don’t have time for makeup. That blue is too light for television. Is that dark enough? PRODUCER: Yeah, that’s dark enough. BERNIE: The weight of the world’s on him, but does he quit? No. News vendors always cope. They’re the– Oh, God, here comes that homeless guy again. I told you, this month’s issue still hasn’t arrived yet. Why do you care about that right-wing rag? Those bastards don’t give a damn. [HORN HONKS] Hold up. Here they come. -Seymour. -Bernie, how’s tricks? BERNIE: Fine, fine. See this guy behind me? Been bugging me all week. Maybe we should get a cab. These are bad neighborhoods. Yeah, well, I’m in a bad mood. MAN : Girl. MAN : What we got here? Here’s a list of Pentagon-approved no-go areas. Afghanistan will obviously come up, but just play it cool . .and try not to get into any tight corners. –a renowned nuclear physicist, who, through a terrible accident . .was gifted with extraordinary powers, capable of bending matter to his will. Today, the world knows him as Dr. Manhattan. Welcome. [AUDIENCE APPLAUDING] JON: Thank you. MAN : That’s right. Ms. Black, you have the first question. Dr. Manhattan, as you know . .the Doomsday Clock is a symbolic clock face . .analogizing humankind’s proximity to extinction . .midnight representing the threat of nuclear war. As of now, it stands at four minutes to midnight. Would you agree that we’re that close to annihilation? My father was a watchmaker. He abandoned it when Einstein discovered that time is relative. I would only agree that a symbolic clock . .is as nourishing to the intellect . .as a photograph of oxygen to a drowning man. So you’re saying there is no danger. JON: Even in a world without nuclear weapons, there would still be danger. MAN: And would you say, as so many claim . .that you are, in fact, a god . .given you see the past and future simultaneously? I can only see my own past . .my own future. lam not omniscient. KOPPEL: Doug Roth, your question? Speaking of your past, Dr. Manhattan . .do you remember a man named Wally Weaver? Yes. We were both physicists together at the Gila Flats Research Base. He died of cancer. -He was a good man. ROTH: How about Edgar Jacobi . .a/so known as the supervillain Moloch? You encountered him several times in the ‘s: battles, conflicts. Did you know that he has cancer as well? I wasn’t told. ROTH: And what about General Anthony Randolph? He was your handler when you first started working for the government. Cancer. You’re suggesting l was the cause. ROTH: From where I’m standing, it’s starting to look pretty conclusive. JON: Even if that’s the case, it’s irrelevant. A live human body and a deceased human body . .have the same number of particles.

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