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The parents think the imam knew. Maybe he got revenge since he was recruiting in his mosque. His repute at stake. With such a codified murder in front of a camera? Did you find anyone with Bouayad’s IP addresses? We found three out of five. A teen from the south of France. He didn’t move. Ismaïl had convinced him to stay put. There’s also a journalist who’s writing a story. He has an alibi. The third was a mother looking for help because her son wants to convert. Find out all you can about this imam. OK, but first. Happy birthday to you Happy birthday. It’s not my birthday. Yes, it is. No, it’s not my birthday, Bob. Bob says it is, so it is. He’s insane! It’s not. He’s insane! Blow out the candles. Bravo! I sat across from a woman on the metro. She looked at me and then got off. Everywhere I go, I get looked up and down. I move my arm and people panic. People see me and think I’m a terrorist. The attacks impact everyone. Sam, I understand the Bouayads. The imam Abdel Mehenni is , has two kids and no record. Became a naturalized citizen years ago and is mild-mannered. We’ll check. His address? Sam, who’s Ruben Adrienssen? Robin’s teacher. Why? He called about career day. “He needs to be fun, approachable, and above all, should avoid sharing the gory details.” That’s me. You alright? Right. MOSQUE I banned Ismaïl from the mosque too late. He’d brainwashed the kid. Mohnder, the teenager. He was recruited here? I didn’t see a thing. What were you doing on Thursday night? Do you think I killed Ismaïl? He was recruiting kids here, putting your reputation on the line. I was here at the mosque for the evening prayer. When was the last time you saw Ismaïl? Last week when he asked me for help. I told him he had some nerve to come see me. And I threw him out. He’d turned his back on ISIS. Two months ago. Hello, today’s special. Two, Nim? No. Sauce on the side. I traced the two missing IP addresses. Of those in touch with Ismaïl? Yes. One was at a public library. Today’s special, no sauce. But the other one came from a grocery store right by the mosque. Ismaïl’s parents’ store? Exactly.

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