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Four in the morning. The following day, I get up in the morning before I head to work, and I turn on the news because I want to see if there was anything about the shooting. I see this spokesperson, Pat Camden. I’m like, “No, this is wrong.” I’m like, “What they’re saying is false.” He did not lunge at him. “Um, he was turning away from him at the time.” It was eating away at me. What they were saying was a lie. I wanted to talk to somebody, but a few guys lived in the neighborhood and I was worried about retaliation from the police. As time went by, I. I j. I couldn’t sleep. I’m like, “What if that was one of my boys that.” That the police gunned-down like that?” And I. I said, “I have to come forward.” Once I had a credible civilian witness, a precise description of a dash cam video, and the autopsy, I was ready to publish. Once the piece appears in Slate, pretty much the whole story was in plain sight. At four AM, the general counsel from the police department sent a link to the piece to the chief lawyer for the city. By the next morning, the entire text was in the email boxes of the mayor’s senior staff. How did they respond? Silence. They don’t respond. Jamie began clanging the bell on Laquan McDonald. But. Not as a defense, but these stories are hard to investigate. Autopsy reports can be subject to some interpretation. Eye witness statements can be subject to questioning in terms of accuracy or where they were from their vantage point. And there are other stories that people were working on. Police do get the benefit of the doubt. And, in most cases. properly so. They put their lives on the line. We count on them to do what we don’t do. And it kind of went by the wayside. I wouldn’t say the story died, but it was like a tree falling in the forest. You know, who heard it? At every point in this process, everything works in support of the official narrative. The machinery is actually continuing to function until dramatically, almost cataclysmically, and mysteriously, it doesn’t. Good afternoon, Jeff Neslund’s office. We had heard about it, Jamie Kalven had written articles about it,
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