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Look, I’m telling you, there’s no one who wants me dead. Well, in that case, what were you hauling that night? I don’t know exactly. Why? ‘Cause if you weren’t the target, then we have to ume your truck was. Everything was in big crates. No one told me what was in them. But I was headed to this. construction site on West th. I figured it was stuff they needed to build their building, a big skyscraper. I’ve been making drop-offs to them for months. But why would someone want to blow up a bunch of building supplies? Well, that’s a good question. And it depends what was in those crates. Elevators. That’s what that truck was delivering. Elevators? The best that money can buy. Imagine flying up a hundred floors in less than seconds. My client wants his tower mentioned in the same breath as One World Trade. Figured four of the fastest elevators in the world would do it. Each one clocked in at a cool $ million. If you’re right, if that crash the other night was deliberate. that would mean someone’s trying to sabotage me. Well, say they were, Mr. Dewashe. Construction budgets have cushions built in to absorb overruns, right? And those elevators had to be insured. So if someone was looking to hurt you, was this really the best way to do it? In the short term, no. No, you’re right, the insurance will pay for the new elevators. But. it’ll take time. This job will be delayed, but the next one may not even happen. What do you mean? A few months ago, I won a bid to put up this building. It’s part of Hudson Yards. Worth billions. But the bid is contingent upon me wrapping up my current job on time. You happen to know who the next highest bidder was? A company called Maranek Construction. Maranek? You heard of ’em? The company, no, but. I know the name. HOLMES: Marcus. Hey. I just wrapped up with the head of the construction company. He’s positive his truck was targeted. He thinks it was a competitor of his, Maranek Construction. Thing is, I met a Maranek just the other day. The guy from the DOT. The one who brought me everything they had on the Overlord hack. His name was Saul Maranek-Halevi.

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