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she was running for the US Senate. Manning is challenging Democratic incumbent Ben Cardin in the upcoming June primaries. You are on the air. Go ahead, please. My question is, so, Chelsea, you had some suicide attempts in prison. For someone who’s had those kind of issues, what makes you the candidate to represent the people of Maryland? Are you suggesting that someone who has suffered from clinical depression is not qualified to run for office? No, that’s not what I’m suggesting. Okay. He’s asking, are you mentally stable now given all the horrific.? I think that’s what he’s asking. Given discussions about the President and his mental stability, I think that should be something we ask about all candidates. I strongly disagree. You know, we shouldn’t be stigmatizing anybody for any mental health issues. You know. But um. Like, I’m more than willing to admit I’m in therapy. As a senator, would you release confidential information that was being held by Senate panel? No, but I would certainly move to push for as much transparency in government as possible. You’re challenging the Democratic incumbent in the primary. Your platform includes closing prisons, free college, universal healthcare. Hi, I’m Chelsea Manning. I’m running for US Senate. And I get asked this a lot by reporters, you know. “Why are you running for Senate?” If you look around and you look at everything that’s going on, whether it’s the immigration debate, healthcare or police, police brutality, and m surveillance. Like, why the hell wouldn’t I be running? You know, in this environment, in this toxic environment that we live in, where’s our say? We’re just trying to excite people. And. And. Yeah, we know it’s an uphill battle. We know. words like “Cinderella story”, “long shot”, “underdog”, words like that are going to be applied. Is it stressful? Oh, yeah. This is very stressful. But we also know that at the end of it all we’re going to be so happy that we tried. Changing the world isn’t easy. It’s not. I mean. Chelsea knows. If you’re an intelligence analyst, you really have to understand your opponent. And you have to think like your opponent.

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