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you sell me out like this? Back off, or I’ll stick this glass in your squidgy face. [GRUNTS] Everybody stay calm. We’ll try to keep this brief. Roy Chess. On Pyramid payroll. Tried to kill Adrian Veidt. Dead now. Did you know him? No. [MAN GROANING] Yeah, yeah! -I hired him. I knew him from the inside. -You’re a felon. l was. I’ve been straight ever since I got out, I swear. I barely knew Chess that well, but I was told to hire from the old life -Told by whom? -My contact, Miss Slater. Janey Slater works for Pyramid too? Yeah, she was real nice. She said hiring ex-cons was part of the company program. Give people a second chance. God, please let go! I’m telling the truth! Janey Slater, Manhattan’s old girlfriend. Adrian might help us find out who’s underwriting Pyramid. Follow the money. WOMAN [ON TV]: –former member of the Minutemen Hollis Mason found murdered . .in his apartment less than an hour ago. Witnesses reported seeing members of a local gang known as the Knot-Tops . .leaving the area right around the estimated time of death. Reporting live, Tiffany Burns . -Who did it? -I knew you were gonna victimize me, man. What about my civil rights? Just because I’m wearing– -Tell me who did it! -A lot of people dress like this. Who murdered Hollis Mason? You tell your friends they’re dead. I’m gonna take out this entire rathole neighborhood. I’ll break your neck! Daniel, not in front of the civilians. Oh, goddamn. Goddamn, Hollis. JON: This is where we hold our conversation. In it, you reveal to me that you and Dreiberg have been sleeping together. -You know about me and Dan? -Not yet. But in a few moments you’re going to tell me. If you already know the future, then why were you surprised when I left you? Or when that reporter ambushed you? Why even argue about it if you already know how this is gonna end? I have no choice. Everything is preordained. Even my responses. And you’re just going through the motions. The most powerful thing in the universe is still just a puppet. We are all puppets, Laurie. I’m just a puppet who can see the strings. And what if you’re wrong? Why does my perception of time distress you so? Because it’s inhuman. Because it makes me insane. You always say you wanna comfort me. Well, it isn’t working. Look, I don’t wanna fight. I’m sorry I slept with Dan. You slept with Dan? You just said that you already knew about that. I said often . .that you were my only remaining link to humanity. Why would I save a world . .I no longer have any stake in? Then do it for me If you really care When you left me, I left Earth. Does that not show you that I care? My red world here, now . .means more to me than your blue one. Let me show you. KISSINGER: Bombers are fueled and ready, sir. It’s time, gentlemen. Take us to DEFCON one. RORSCHACH: Not in penthouse. Not in Office What nocturnal proclivities entice a man with everything . .out into the night at this hour? Daniel? You with me? -Yeah. -Then what are you doing? DAN: I’m gonna look for Adrian’s itinerary. RORSCHACH: Maybe he keeps on file -Something’s not right. -Agreed. Janey Slater, Moloch, Roy Chess all work for Pyramid. Moloch said the Comedian mentioned list with his and Slater’s name on it. Whoever owns Pyramid could be giving these people cancer. Setting Manhattan up. [BEEPING] Funny. Ancient pharaohs looked forward to the end of the world. Believed cadavers would rise, reclaim hearts from golden jars. Must currently be holding breath in anticipation. Pharaohs? [COMPUTER BEEPING] Got a psych profile on Manhattan. See what the corporate head-peepers say. “Subject continues to retreat emotionally. If the only remaining ties were to be severed . .we predict total detachment from the human condition.” DAN: I’m in. No. MAN: Congratulations, Mr. Veidt. Dr. Manhattan’s energy reactor is online. Your support and your enthusiasm . .is what has led to this triumph. On behalf of the research team, we salute you. -Cheers. -Cheers. ADRIAN: What in life does not deserve celebrating? This is the new Karnak. This represents the culmination of a dream more than years old

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