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How does it know that both of us? It can be seen on my face. ever since I saw your photo. And. And? And your heart’s condition was known from your eyes. Do you have a coin? A coin? Yes, I have. Why? It’s believed that by putting a coin here, one’s desires are fulfilled. Is it? Here’s a coin for you, and one for me. I’ll put it rightaway. Not like this. Turn away first. What did you pray for? For the purpose of my visit. to be fulfilled. Really? Yes. And you? My goal has been fulfilled as it. You’re already addressing me informally now. Don’t address me formally henceforth. Greetings. How do you do? I’m sorry, dear. I couldn’t come to receive you in Rome. I don’t keep well. Please, sir. Why did you take the trouble of coming to the airport? No trouble at all. I’ve been waiting for this joyous occasion since years. You were such a little child when I cradled you in my arms. Like Ratandas, I too have placed my hopes on you. How about proceeding for home now? Let’s go. Come on! Our friend, Mr. Jai. Friend? How did he accompany you? What do you mean? As soon as I got your call, I reached here and attacked him. But he got saved. I see. It means, he’s here too. Who’s he? And who’s this one? He’s his duplicate. He’s useful for us. Now he will do that agent’s work. Understand? I understand. Very good. Did you get any news about Sethi? No, that is a cheat. Because of him, all our customers are after me. I’ve ordered my boys to shoot him the moment he is sighted. Don’t worry. We will find Sethi. Where can he go? Which hotel have you booked? Hotel Hilton. Looks like that agent had come and stayed in this hotel. And left before receiving the message. It’s also possible that. Mala must’ve left that message. Let me ask him. Let’s go to the room and telephone from there. Dial this number, Shabnam. Jai, you lift that telephone. Say that you got the message and that you are Jai speaking. Okay? Hello, I’ve got your message. I’m Jai speaking. The code-name? Delhi friend. There’s a slight change in the programme. The deal will be done on the th now, instead of the th. because Sethi has informed that he expects danger from the gangsters.

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