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Nobody else fired a shot. And we also saw that there were three eye witnesses that were taken from the Burger King drive-thru to the police station. And according to the police reports, they’re questioned for hours. If this was a regular murder case, you would have eye witness statements that were either videotaped or written-out by a prosecutor. And instead, you had these little summaries that said, “Oh, I saw nothing.” We thought, “This is very odd.” Initially, we thought the shooting happened in the drive-thru of the Burger King. So we sent this wave of probate subpoenas to the Burger King. And the Burger King people were very receptive. They said, “Come on down, we’ll show you what we have.” But what was really odd and what the Burger King people were upset about was the way the police came to their restaurant and just demanded access to their video equipment. They didn’t have a subpoena, they didn’t have a warrant. And all I know for sure is that now there’s minutes that are missing. And so that gets your radar up. But when you look at the police reports that were signed-off on, again, by lieutenants and sergeants and detectives, it’s a justified shooting. It’s justified. I remember reading a story of a young man shot and killed on the Southwest side of Chicago. I, as a Chicagoan, somebody who. writes about these issues, is immersed in them, I did what everybody does: I turned the page. About a week after the incident, a close colleague of mine received a call from somebody close to the investigation who said, “There is video, police dash cam video,” that completely contradicts the official story of what happened. “It’s horrific.” The implication of the call was. “This is gonna be deep-sixed, the video. Made disappear.” So I began to investigate. But these investigations are long-shots. They’re huge long-shots, and you can just never get to the point where you have sufficient evidence to bring the story to the public. There’s probably never been a more important time in policing than right now. Some people would say that, you know, now is not the time to be a police officer.
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