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I mean, I don’t know what the I’m doing. I just got out of prison. You know. And here we are. We’re right next to Quantico, by the way. Where we are. So. About a mile and a half from where I was held in solitary confinement. I was never gonna be a. a mouthpiece. I’m not a hero. I’m just somebody who. you know. I’ve always been somebody willing to, like, jump in and do something. I’ve spoken through other family members to her but it’s very difficult to reach her. You know, and she’s not well. She had a stroke. Yeah. I try to not get them involved in all the craziness that happens around me. I heard from my father but. we don’t talk much. Our. Our positions on life are so divergent that I don’t know if we can reconcile. I don’t know if we can reconcile. He cared less about me being gay. I think he’s kind of in denial about my trans-ness. I think. I think. I think he doesn’t know who I am. Suspicions undoubtedly have been raised that this happened to Chelsea Manning. The police raid her home with guns drawn in this so-called “Wellness Check”. She’s a candidate for the US Senate who is known for participating in political protests. Come on, Janice. Hey, I have the final statement if you want me to read it. Uh-huh. “Last year, when I was released from prison,” I emerged into a world of hate and injustice. I wondered if I should spend my first year of freedom recovering. But I couldn’t sit still. I tried to use my platform as a public figure to send a message. Every one of us has power. Over the past several months it has become clear that my experiences have taken an enormous toll on my physical and emotional health. I stepped back from campaigning to prioritize my own well-being. I found the space and the treatment I need to heal. I’m not giving up. I’m grateful for everyone who believes in me. “Together we got this.” Does that sound good? Chelsea? It’s harder to do the right thing than it is to go within the process. And so I think everybody has to make their own call as to what they’re willing to do. Being trans, being queer as a kid. being unwanted and being unloved. being not cared about.
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