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This is also where our pro roster began to grow. Erik’s here! My name’s Erik Mukhametshin. Originally I was born in Uzbekistan, and then I moved Russia and I lived there for about years or something. Just to have fun, be with all my friends. Hey! Oh, I’m so glad, man. Poor guy. I finally made it. Nothin’ like sitting at airport for three hours waiting. All right, this is my first time here at Woodward, Tahoe. And there are so many cool features. Like, look at this. What is going on? They just put in new rails. This bar set up is so sick. What? Dude, I am really excited about this. This is the type of spot that inspires me to try to, like, explore some really interesting lines and use the space in a way that I couldn’t do somewhere else. Oh! You know. So far, the training has been amazing. Training with the guys has been great. I’m definitely pushing myself, while being pushed by everybody else, and that’s just a great combination in my book. You’re not allowed to do anything else, unless you get this move right. Oh! That’s what I was afraid of. I think I can make it, though. I think you can make it, dude. Yeah! Yep. No! That was close. That was so much better, I couldn’t land it! I thought I was going to ’cause I was really high in the air. Yep. Oh! No! Dude, I got so freaked out! I kicked the tree a lot that time. Did you see that, just, this twist? Yeah, that was, you were, oh! That was like a uh-oh-twist. Good? Yeah, I’m fine. Yeah, man. Are we doing something else? That’s what’s so great about it, is that we’re here together, and we’re pushing each other. So, when I get people like Erik Mukhametshin in here, teaching me new moves, it’s quite a, it’s actually kind of a scary feeling for me. I have to learn to work past it, but just the idea that someone believes in me that much, it makes me want to work harder. ‘Cause he’ll tell me to do something, and I, I’m like, ah, I don’t know if I can do that. But then I work on it and I try it, and eventually I’ll get it. Never worn a thong? No! You don’t have to only wear that, you can still wear your pants. Yeah, you get to wear pants over it.
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