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For a Chicago police to be on trial in the first place for murder, number one. And for murdering a black person, number two. I was like, “Okay, how are they gonna perceive me?” Since I was the only black. It was like, oh my God. They introduce you to the defense team, and the prosecution team, and you’re going, “Wow, this is for real.” But it doesn’t. It didn’t feel real. It felt surreal. So many times, it felt surreal. This branch of the Circuit Court of Cook County is now in session. This courtroom was packed. It was filled. People were stuffed in there, and you could’ve heard a pin drop. The silence was deafening. The story in this case is a story written, directed, and orchestrated by one person: Laquan McDonald. Think about it like a horror movie. You see the villain walking down the street. Not very fearful, but when he stops and he turns and makes eye contact with the victim, then that’s when the music starts to play. Well, that’s what happened here. We filed a motion, and actually, that motion was granted, that the prosecution cannot refer to Laquan McDonald as a “victim.” Laquan McDonald was, uh, was an offender in this case and was a dangerous person. Laquan McDonald goes over to him. and attempts to stab. I remember that Laquan was in and out of juvenile detention, um. Had several scrapes with the law. Um, so they were setting him up to. To look like a. a bad guy, a. a kid gone wrong. Shows the story of a out-of-control individual who didn’t care about anyone. It was clic putting the victim on trial. That’s all it was. It was jus. It was clic. That’s what they always do. I didn’t ever f. think of it that way, that he’s putting the victim on trial. I didn’t think of it that way. I just thought of it as that he was raising serious questions and. And hoping that maybe some of the jurors would think, “You know, this kid was so rotten and bad,” of course he was about ready to, uh, “run after Jason.” I don’t care how you twist this thing around, how you turn it around, Van Dyke is not the victim. The victim is in the cemetery. That’s the victim. I sat on the right side.
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