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One of the things that’s nice is, like, when you have a historical figure like this, is there is something that’s um. that’s quite powerful about being so up close. But there’s also something very powerful about seeing her entire body, like, head to toe. She’s, like. the entire figure is present on this cover. I love how she just totally. uh. seems at ease. I like this one because it has. It feels to me enormous power, the kind of power that she must have to be the person she is. There’s something about the atmosphere of that picture, like, there’s a sense of narrative to this one. Yeah. There’s also, like, some vague suggestion of, like, an interrogation, or something like that, sitting in the chair, in a kind of, like, stripped-down room. And for her first time, sort of, sitting down and telling her story, I think that works. Alright. You ready to go on the record? About how many weeks into the second deployment did you get in touch with WikiLeaks? It was all one deployment, but after, it was. It was uh. It was during leave. It was during my leave that I. that I started using the site. It was never about being caught. I. wanted the information out. Uh. I was eventually going to go public. You were? Yes. I just didn’t know how to do that. Yes, I was worried that being trans would be. would take over everything else. Right. I was worried it would. It would be used against me. I wanted people to know then the things I was seeing. Life was cheap in Iraq. And it made me realize that. how precious life actually is. How precious everyone’s life is. That’s right. This is a war that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, four and a half thousand American soldiers. It was also a war that we sped into in no small part because of government secrecy. How can a nation function if we don’t know what we’ve done? And the finale of this war, that started under cover of secrecy and lies, ends with the prosecution and court martial of someone who got the truth out. Mm. He was good. Oh. So sorry, sweetheart. Um. Ch-Ch-Chelsea. I’m getting used to it now. Slowly. It’s tough. Tough.

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