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the elevators while the accident was investigated. Just a day or two would’ve set Dewashe back considerably. BELL: When it came out in the news that the driver who died was a member of Mara Tres, the person working with Saul saw an opportunity. He tipped the gang to Saul’s identity, and they killed him without realizing they were doing his partner a favor. [sighs] Saul. Mm. Were you not fond of your son-in-law? No. Don’t get me wrong. I mean, he was kind to Julie, and that’s all that mattered. But. she could’ve done better. So, uh, you said there’s a way I can help you? Whoever was behind it all, what they did was pretty smart. With Saul dead, there was no way for us to ID him. We thought that was that. But then Mr. Holmes here thought of a way we could flush him out. Yeah, it just so happens I once investigated a matter for the Japanese firm which manufactured the damaged elevators. As a favor to me, they agreed to call Mr. Dewashe’s company this morning and promise to replace the elevators by tomorrow evening. Ah. Lucky for Dewashe. It would be, if it were true. Sorry? The Japanese firm agreed to say all of this, but none of it’s true. It didn’t have to be. It just had to sound true to your mole inside Dewashe’s company. No, no, no. You hang on just one second. BELL: There’s no point denying it, Mr. Maranek. We even know who the mole is. Her name is Sandra Bay, and she’s Dewashe’s transportation coordinator. According to the company’s phone records, she made a lot of calls to a burner phone the last few months. Every time she did, Dewashe would suffer a mysterious scheduling snag the same day. It’s almost as if the traffic grid itself were conspiring against them, which, it turns out, it was. Your son-in-law had been interfering with trucks headed to Dewashe’s construction site on th Street for months. Perhaps you coerced him into manipulating the traffic lights via emotional blackmail, promising you would finally accept him as one of the family. Or perhaps you and he had a financial arrangement. I suppose there’s no way we’ll ever really know. Unless you tell us. Which you’ll have plenty of time to do in custody.

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