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And that has to change. No officer should be allowed to behave as if they are above the law just because they are responsible for upholding the law. The problem is sometimes referred to as “the Code of Silence.” Mayor Emanuel has acknowledged a code of silence exists in the Chicago Police Department. He acknowledged it. He acknowledges a problem that others have vehemently denied. We now have an admission. The Chief of the Police Union declared today, “There is no ‘Code of Silence’ in Chicago.” After all,” he said, “this is not .” So you’re saying that I’m a liar because I got a police patch on my shoulder. Or I can’t be trusted when I raise my hand in court. To ask for us to admit that we go out of our way to conspire. is. is an insult. If there is no “Code of Silence,” why do all the officer statements look the same? You got me. And I got to be honest with you now, I do not like the way we’re going with this interview. The Mayor said, “The ‘Code of Silence'” goes through the police department.” Nonsense. The Mayor controls the police department. You tell me what it means. Will you resign? Should you resign? I’m not gonna resign. Um, and. and I go all day long with people coming up to me and saying, “Stay strong. We’ve got your back.” Superintendent McCarthy knows that a police officer is only as effective as when he has the trust of those he serves. This morning, I formally asked for his resignation. I become accountable for things that I’m not in control of. And accountability without authority is failure. years of really strong executive leadership. I really thought that I was going to be one of the individuals that helped. That would help take policing through the most troubled time in its history. Uh, and instead, here I am on the sidelines, watching it. Watching it spiral out of control. We’re reaching mayhem. The Mayor announced the formation of a task force. To help restore public trust and confidence in the police, that are now sorely lacking. We believe that these meetings, uh. serve a very valuable purpose. We’ve had them all over the city, the West side, the South side.

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