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The Breeze – Bristol
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He was always my baby. He was always my. Bradley. Hm. He had the box room, where he slept in. And he had how many computers? I think it was. one, two, three. Three computers set up. And he had this desk chair, on rollers. Ah. And. Oh! And it was locked. There was a bolt. I used to say, “That’s one room I don’t have to clean.” I can’t remember. Quant. Quant-something. That’s it. It was a cinder block, cinder block, and just two chairs. I-I didn’t say a lot because. I don’t know. He’s, like. I couldn’t touch, couldn’t hug. He was, like. Oh. Sorry. But I do love you. And if I could hug you, I’d give you the biggest hug you ever had. It’s ten o’clock. Twitter’s quite addictive. They’re seeing me push back from, you know. In a reasonable way for the first time. “I don’t agree with what Chelsea Manning did.” There are appropriate channels to go through. “Our national security is important.” And I just. I responded to that and said, “Ever actually try those channels?” And that’s it. And, like, people went nuts after that. So. “She Will.” I was trans before I started taking hormones. I’m the same person as I was. I just am presenting myself differently. People don’t understand how young the people are who are in the military. I’m uniquely situated to have been the person that probably interacted with Chelsea face to face the most over the last several years now. However many years it’s been. I don’t even know. And I have my own sense of who she is as a person, right? It doesn’t always line up and match what the public perception of Chelsea is. And I think that she’s aware of that journey ahead of her. And I think she also recognizes that she can’t. You can’t really dictate. She can’t dictate for herself which path that’s gonna go, right? Because she’s been prevented for the last ten years of having the kinds of experiences that we had that helped shape us. And then that becomes very overwhelming for people. But particularly for somebody like Chelsea, who’s still trying to be her. You know, she’s still trying to be who she is. So as she’s finally able to be who she is, I just can’t wait to see what she turns into.

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