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and that’s what we was prepared to do. And I’m sure others was com. was prepared to do more than that, but. This verdict is about to be read. If it is guilty, then we’re celebrating. And if he is acquitted, we will shut it down! Shut it down! Shut it down! Shut it down! If we don’t get it? Shut it down! If we don’t get it?! Shut it down! A whole city is waiting for the verdict in officer Jason Van Dyke’s murder trial. Basically said, “Have you reached a jury?” And they said, “We have.” A woman said, “We have.” Keep coming. And now they’re waiting. The whole city is waiting. People all over have their radios on and their phones close. We are about a little less than minutes away from the verdict being read aloud in open court. The judge has summoned everybody back to the courtroom. It looks like everyone’s in court by now, ready to go. I had a full-on panic attack. I was sitting in-between two people in tears. Here we go, y’all. It is packed right now. All parties are present. We are now at : in the afternoon. The judge had said that the verdict will be read at :, so we are thinking that we are getting very close. We was going back to the court room, and I couldn’t stop thinking, like, “Damn.” Like, three and a half years, man, for it to come down to this moment. And I was just praying and praying and praying, just walking back and forth and I was so. I just felt my chest just. My heart beating through my chest. I can’t front, I was so scared. Will you please read the verdict? We, the jury, find the defendant, Jason Van Dyke. guilty of second-degree murder. Man. Man, man, man. I think when she said that, part of me, my soul, sort of left my body. It’s like when you hear something you can’t believe it. Quiet! So after she read that, she began to read aloud all the counts of aggravated battery. We, the jury, find the defendant, Jason Van Dyke, guilty of aggravated battery with a firearm, first shot. Shot one, guilty. Jason Van Dyke, guilty of aggravated battery. Shot two, guilty. Another aggravated batt. Shot three, guilty. Shot four, guilty. Shot five, guilty. Shot six, guilty.
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