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Directly URB Radio listen, Live broadcast alternatives Stream 1 y Stream 2 try our options.
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Online Radio URB Radio, Live Stream and high quality. Listen to the uninterrupted radio..

Opening a door by holding up an officer is too clic. Doing it remotely sounds more fun. He hacked into the no break system and disconnected the cameras so the staff wouldn’t see. But you’re right. He could’ve done better. I found a virus in their system. A big one. Oh yeah? It overran everything. But I designed a patch. They have work to do. Dalmot was to be released in six months. Why escape now? The blackout and the escape are just the beginning. This will ultimately do some good. It’ll bring up the debate on energy security again. We no longer count the stopping and restarting of reactors. Did you read Nim’s notes? The cracks that are overlooked. It freaks me out. Not you? It does. It does? But you don’t do a thing. Soon it’ll be Chernobyl here, but no one cares. Great. VSSE THE STATE SECURITY SERVICE Good evening, gentlemen. We’re looking for this man. Dominic Dalmot. Escaped from Andenne Prison. Yesterday’s blackout must’ve let him escape. The outage caused chaos. He said he felt faint, called an officer and held him at gunpoint. A gun? Where did he get it? Good evening, Minister Vermeer. Mr. Leroy. The gun came from his accomplice: Lambert Hammers. These past six months, Hammers visited Dalmot six or seven times and he must’ve given him the gun in the visiting room. I know we no longer search inmates after visits, but do you really think he handed him a gun? A gun printed with a D printer. It was a toy, but it looked real. He gave it to him in several pieces. Each visit he got a piece, like this one. Then he embled the gun like a toy in a Kinder Egg. Lambert Hammers probably killed Marc Vanberg. He’s prepping something, but we don’t know what. Something really bad. Escaping was step one. The malware in the prison is heavy duty. A type of Stuxnet that remotely spies on and reprograms systems. With that, you can control any type of command. She means you can control any keyboard. Turn on any GSM mic to keep someone under surveillance. The best way to spread a virus is to byp security. Ideally with a blackout. That split second when the machines break down and turn back on is all it takes to introduce the malware.

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