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Oh! Oh! Oh! Dude, I hit the tree branch! Oh! Oh! Ow! Oh my favorite pink shorts. Oh! . Oh! Oh, my, don’t! Oh, I knew I was gonna die. Uh! You know what? I do love get injured once in a while. Because it just brings you back, and you can sit and kind of re-focus and rearrange your system. And every time I get injured, I feel like I take care of myself even more. I want to get in the game as fast as I can, so I’m like, I need to be super efficient. So, I kinda enjoy getting injured once in a while. Watch out. Nate, I just got kicked out, but roll the Red cam. I got one more thing that I want to do before I go. Miami might’ve been the perfect location for some training at the beach. But unfortunately, at our next stop, Orlando, the tour was going to take a turn for the worse. It’s this inevitable truth. It’s like, every day we go out and we do gnarly stuff, and we push the limits of what the human body is physically capable of. We are playing the game of odds. Eventually, something is going to happen, and when we get comfortable is when it gets dangerous. I was back in another corner of the gym, shooting Mich. And just before I stopped recording on the camera, that’s when I heard the slam. And just based on the overall reaction that everyone gave, I just knew it probably wasn’t good. Oh! Oh! Get Rob! Lay him out flat! Can someone call ? His neck, his neck. He went straight in, his neck, Call . Let him breathe. Seeing Corbin on the ground like that was, uh, a bit of a struggle for me. You know, on one hand, you want to help someone who’s clearly not okay. And on the other hand, you kinda have this job to do. Corbin, you breathing? Corbin. As long as he’s breathing, Yeah. Check his No, Corbin, stay down. I need you to stay down, Corbin. Okay, okay, okay. There you go. No, no, no, no, Corbin, stay down. Stay down, Corbin. Was there any loss of consciousness? Watching Corbin go down in Orlando was, was a shock to the entire crew and the tour and all the athletes. I think seeing how fragile our bodies can be and how a head injury can, like, put a huge hold on your life, having to sit in front of him at the ER, you know,

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