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So about two rows were full of F.O.P. union members, right? Right when they was about to call Officer McElligott names out, the whole two rows got up and walked out. J-O-S-E-P-H M-C-E-L-L-I-G-O-T-T. And by whom are you employed, sir? Chicago Police Department. He’s called to the stand and he’s clearly not happy to be there. He’s the initial responder the night of the incident. And when he takes the stand, it’s the first time the public has heard a police officer describe what happened that night. On October th, did you respond to a dispatch call? Yes. There was a call that someone’s been trying to break into trucks in a truck yard. He took his hands out of his pockets and he had a knife in his hand. Did he do anything with that knife? He just held it. They ask the boy to drop the knife, he doesn’t respond. As opposed to ratcheting up the encounter, they call for a taser. They don’t ask for mive backup, they ask for a taser. I just kept my distance. I had my flashlight out and I had my gun out on him, just watched his move. There’s a second video that has not been widely seen. It’s surveillance video from a couple of blocks from the site of the shooting. McElligott’s gotten out of the police vehicle and is walking behind Laquan McDonald. There’s nobody else around, they’re not protecting anybody from him. There’s certainly no evidence of anything combative on the part of Laquan McDonald, but nor is there anything provocative about the behavior of the officers. Did he threaten you with the knife? No. Uh, we walked. all the way to the car lot. In fact, these officers are accompanying Laquan McDonald towards his death. They don’t know it. He doesn’t know it. Moments later, Van Dyke gets out of his car, and within a matter of seconds, has shot the boy. They’re standing there witnessing a gratuitous atrocity. Why didn’t you fire your weapon? Um. He didn’t make any direct movement at me, and I felt like my partner was protected, for the most part, inside the vehicle. I mean, you’re the police. In my day, that kid never gets to Pulaski. Never. You know? You take him, somehow, when he’s leaving that truck yard.
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