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Hey there. Hi. What can I do for you? Uh, can I get a Wait, wait, wait, let me guess. I’m seeing, red. Uh, vodka cranberry. Oh, my God, yeah. Wait, I’m also seeing tequila shots. Yeah, I love tequila shots. All right, here we go. I like your hair, it’s different. Oh, yeah, I need to update my pics. They’re like three weeks old. No, it’s cool. Can I tell you something embarrassing? I’d be offended if you didn’t. When I was a little kid, I got my hair bleached like Eminem. No, you didn’t. Yeah, I did. Totally. Take that secret to the grave. Yeah. All right, a vodka cranberry. Tequila shots. Thank you, sir. All right. Down the hatch. I haven’t thought about some of these games since I was a little kid. I mean, I used to be a huge Sonic fan back in the day. Oh, my God, are you in’ serious? Sonic is like my life. You don’t say? Yeah! I beat the game once, no cheat codes. No, I always thought Chaos Emeralds would be a great band name. That’s genius. Shall we? Yeah. soft rock music Oh, my God, I love this song. What? Falling Still? Seriously? I know these guys. Personally. No, you don’t. Uh-huh, did the ad campaign for their new album. They got a show coming up, we should go. I’ll get us backstage. I would love that. All right. You know, I knew we’d get along. I could tell just from your profile pic. I knew. What’s your sign? Uh, Virgo, I think. Oh, my God! I’m a Pisces, we’re like the most compatible signs. Well, what do you know? chuckles phone message ringing Oh, . What? My ex just liked my post. I’m sorry? I think he’s just trying to with me. By liking your, uh I have the best idea. Uh. Act like you’re having a good time. Okay. Oh, my God, that’s great. You’re a good actor. We make a good team. moaning Hi. Hey! Hey. I’m just gonna head out, okay? You don’t want to sleep over? I, I got work tomorrow, so. Well, you can just leave from here in the morning. Venice is kinda far from where I work. Plus, I gotta shower. Well, you could just shower here. I could, but, you know, gotta change and everything, so. I might have a couple of shirts you could borrow. Don’t worry, they’re my brother’s. It’s just a lot easier if I go home. What are you doing tomorrow? Maybe we could do this again? Uh, yeah. Oh, no, I’ve gotta work on a pitch, but, call you as soon as I get free? Maybe this weekend? Yeah, maybe. Okay. All right. [Riley] Sleep well, good night. Don’t gamble with your car insurance. Still too long. We’re at a casino. Blackjack table; we take a look at our hand. , the dreaded. phone ringing Oh, Christ, lemme. clears throat We’re at a casino. Blackjack table. phone ringing “Hey, what’s up?” “What are you doing?” Trying to work is what I’m doing. We’re at a casino, blackjack table. phone vibrating Jesus Christ. Okay. phone ringing Mm-hmm, shut the up. clears throat We’re at a ca phone vibrating jeez ! I’m gonna kill this girl if she doesn’t. Well, hello. upbeat rock music I brought wine. Everyone’s a victim Victim every day Everyone is looking at me Don’t know what they’ve heard Hell no

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