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I mean, all the people that make life miserable, make life dangerous I can reach them now. Do you think that I’m crazy? If anything, I think you’re not crazy enough. We could change the world. “We”? stutters Like “we” as as in us? laughs male reporter We’re getting an update live The police are extremely hesitant Can I kiss you? You’re not supposed to ask. What am I supposed to do? teacher’s voice distant, echoing Light The note was filled with names when I got it. Whoever had it before us, what did they accomplish? Just small-time killings, revenge, petty crimes? I think we can do a lot more than just settle some random scores. How about this guy? I don’t want people to say they’re scared of it or horrified. Mia What do you want them to say? Light I want them to say “Thank you.” laughing Look at those people. Mia They’re a bunch of sheep. Light No, they’re not. They’re looking for someone who’s not gonna let them down the way cops do and politicians. And that’s why they have you. Light It’s bigger than me. It’s bigger than us. What they want is a god. So let’s give it to them. Let’s give them a god, let’s make a name for him. A god that never lets anybody down. It’s not gonna solve a few crimes, it’s gonna solve all crime. Mia A god that scares the out of the bad guys until they don’t want to be bad anymore? Light A god who inspires hope that things can actually change. Kira. Kira? What does that mean? It means “light” in Russian and Celtic. Wouldn’t you be worried they could trace it back to you? No. How could they? It also sort of means “killer” in Japanese, so if they’re looking, it’s gonna be on the wrong continent. female reporter Who or what is Kira? That’s the question facing baffled investigators today as death row inmates in six different continents were found dead in their cells. Each victim left behind the same message written in perfect Japanese. in Mandarin It reads, “Lord Kira has returned to punish the wicked.” None of the victims actually spoke Japanese Mia I think I got one. reporter in German Reports are that the previously elusive leader of the terrorist movement blew himself up in front of his men. Kira is apparently behind the bizarre deaths. reporter in Spanish Five members of the cartel apparently threw themselves in front of an oncoming train. Kira is responsible for all of these acts that are happening right now. man in English The globalists will have you believe that Kira’s the New World Messiah here to right the wrongs of our time. This is another bid by the super elites to sweep the rug from under us and shape our reality by what can only be described as one of the greatest false flag operations in the history of covert ops. female reporter Fear they will be punished by Kira has led to a series of wanted criminals literally turning themselves in. Kira’s had a bigger impact on crime than anything I’ve seen. I don’t wanna say our job’s gotten easier, but look around you. static humming female reporter News out of Japan tonight where Kira has apparently struck again. More than a dozen were found dead in a Tokyo nightclub

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